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Paul Dart: Five Star Professional Real Estate Agent Legend

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I am honored and humbled to be recognized as a 2023 FORTUNE Magazine Five Star Legend Real Estate Agent, one of 30, 13-year recipients of 23,312 Denver area agents. The award is based on client nominations and vetted by Five Star Professional, an independent rating agency who receives the nominations and then investigates them for any complaint files with the real estate commission. The final step is review by a blue-ribbon panel of colleagues. I am grateful for your nominations!

five stars

"I had to sell my home in a very sticky situation from great distance. Paul didn't only the sell the house, which he did and fast, he also took care of ME. I could not have asked for more, truly, He's a genuinely kind, caring, and graceful man. A Realtor and a gentleman, it doesn't get better than that!!"

"Paul is personable, authentic, impeccable in his knowledge, and I believe, rare in his patience and willingness to be available for emotional support during the entire process. I immediately trusted him, and feel blessed to have had Paul at my side during this huge transition!"

"I sold real estate for 14 years in one of the most demanding markets in the U.S., but never did I experience a market like the Boulder market. Paul did an excellent job of analyzing the market's potential and setting a pricing strategy. He managed a process with multiple offers in a very low-key, straightforward, professional manner and kept channels of communication open with all the parties. We achieved a great result. I recommend Paul without hesitation."

"Paul is a fantastic full-service agent! He guided me in making appropriate remodel and style decisions while getting my house ready for sale. I finished remodeling on a Thursday. Paul had it listed and under contract at above asking price by Sunday!"


Serving my clients' interest since 1993


About Paul Dart

I told them, “I’m Your Knight in Shining Armor and your Everest Sherpa Guide”
That came out of my mouth one day when a couple asked me why they should consider using my services as their Realtor. They laughed. I laughed. But one sentence couldn’t have better summarize the skills, discretion, and dedication I bring to my clients.

Years ago, when Tony Robbins was just starting his career, I walked on fire with him. And then a few months later, again, to prove to a skeptical mind that the experience was authentic. There are very few experiences in a lifetime with the power and intensity to cut through the obstacles of the mind to reveal the truth and alter the trajectory of one’s life. My truth and course in life is to serve.

What I do for my clients is important, but it is how I do it that makes a difference in their lives. I love my work because I serve my clients in a way that leaves them enriched and happy. That may sound goofy, but in the practical world, shepherding people through the complicated and high-stakes process that is likely the largest financial decision in their lives is vital work. Not Nobel, but perhaps noble.

I’m known for discretion, remarkably good service, and the penchant to enjoy the experience and have fun. I’m a native of Boulder, practicing real estate full time since 1993. I endeavor to practice agency representation at the highest level, offering my clients confidentiality, essential metrics and information and considered guidance and advice, and an uncommon level of care.

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